((Hey guys, I appreciate you all still sending me questions n stuff…

But AskMutran has kinda gone dead because of real life obligations and the fact I can’t spend a lot of time anymore drawing quick cartoons, that, in the long run, don’t really help me put food in my mouth or help me pay off a Convention ticket…

He’s not like an RP blog I can make text posts for.

I can still be found at neonalbatross, however. If you want to follow my adventures in all their glory.

Again, I appreciate your enthusiasm. And maybe in the future I’ll recontinue this venture.

Till that time, See ya ‘round, partners.))

Does the mod have a deviantart or mod tumblr?

((Why yes, yes I do, just go Here or Here!))

Tropico takes delight in taking out others from a distance, I prefer hunting down my targets and burning them.

It’s quite satisfactory, really.

It’s an honest lifesaver that Tropico can care for herself most of the time, runt-sized as she may be.



As for Chirox, he has taken to adjusting to touch and following memorized patterns.

It’s actually rather amusing to watch a Makuta count his own steps…

((Alright, I’m sorry for all the Hiatuses, my dear followers, but I’ve been a bit busy, however! to keep you goofy goobers entertained still, I’ll keep updating, but I’ll only give you a comic update every Wednesday, involving one or two pages.

Secondly, I’ll be putting up a new page for FAQ (frequently asked questions) because some of you are asking repeat questions, and Mutran doesn’t have enough lung compacity to keep repeating himself.

Oh. and I might be changing the layout, too, who knows. right now I’m just focused on getting my life back into order.

anyway, chao, my darling Bioniclrs. <3))

Anonymous asked:

How did you survive?

Mutran let out a light grunt, settling into his chair “How many times must I repeat myself?" he set aside a datapad, staring with some boredom at the computer terminal.

I survived the energy storm because my body is hollow, lightning went in, and my antidermis channeled it enough to leave out through an eye.

He ponders what else they would be inquiring about.

As for that illogical abomination, like it, I’m hard to kill.